Barefoot Ballerinas

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Miraallén 39

Welcome everyone!!  Looking forward to building the Barefoot Ballerina community here in Gothenburg!  Classes begin August 19th.  In the meantime, I have a few opportunities for you to try a class for FREE.  June 13th & June 20th, you can drop in and try a class.  If you have never taken a ballet class, book the Introduction to Ballet.  If you have studied some ballet, book the Beginner Ballet Class.  Click on Schedule & Booking for details.

Why Barefoot Ballerinas?  Because we begin barefoot at the barre as we learn the fundamentals of a ballet class.  Once we learn to articulate the foot in class, it’s time to buy your first pair of shoes!!

Keep in mind for your first class…

  • Eat a snack before class
  • Stay hydrated before class
  • Wear any form fitting clothes (yoga pants, tank top, leotard, tights)